As a native North Carolinian, UNC alum, and local elected official, Natalie has spent a lifetime learning about the strengths and challenges of North Carolina. With over a decade of work experience in transportation, economic development and government affairs, Natalie entered the public realm as a locally elected official. Now, she is an elected senator and running for NC State Senate in November to continue pursuing a progressive agenda that will transform the lives of hardworking North Carolinians.

Natalie’s Key Accomplishments

  • Worked with a team to secure $1.5 Million for the North Carolina Carolina Freedom Park in current General Assembly budget

  • Served as NC Association of Public Transportation Association Legislative Committee Co-Chair

  • Worked on the Durham Orange Light Rail Transit Project (DO-LRT)

  • Worked to modify DO-LRT plans to better connect to NCCU

  • Planned and facilitated over 100 public engagement meetings for DO-LRT

  • Managed multi-million dollar budgets

  • Worked with General Assembly leadership to better address the needs of farmers

  • Applied for and received thousands of dollars in local, federal and state funds

  • Working as a small business owner

Professional Experience

  • Over 10 years of experience in government affairs, transportation, agriculture, environmental affairs and economic development

  • Deputy Director of Communications NC Department of Justice

  • Director of Communications GoTriangle

  • Traveling Press Secretary Deborah Ross for US Senate

  • Principal and Owner – Murdock Anderson Consulting

  • Principal and Owner – Attal Strategies

  • Urban and Rural Transportation Planner

  • Minority Business Outreach Specialist

  • Grants writer and manager

Democratic Party Experience

  • 1st Vice Chair of the Durham County Democratic Party 2017-2019

  • 3rd Vice President African American Caucus of NCDP 2017-2019

  • Secretary – Durham Democratic Women

  • Worked to establish a more inclusive SEC voting process

  • Successfully organized precincts across Durham County 2017-2019

  • Served at Precinct 5 Vice-Chair

  • Supported the development of a Durham County Millennial Caucus

  • Re-established a Durham County Democratic Party Fundraising Committee

  • Worked with a team to plan and fund projects to spur higher levels of minority participation

  • Served on the team that increased the diversity of our precinct chairs and judges

  • Chaired and reorganized the Precinct Committee

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