I have stepped forward to serve the people of the North Carolina District 20 because I feel a deep sense of duty and obligation to you. I want to support the path of progress that our parents, grandparents, ancestors, and so many others established. At the same time, I will work to set a new, progressive agenda that will help create a direction to improve life for all in the district, in Durham, and in North Carolina.

Natalie Murdock fights for Durham, NC District 20

Durham needs a State Senator that is a bold and progressive leader. A servant leader for the people. A leader who has been tried and tested. A leader that knows what’s at stake and who has a plan to get us back on track – ready to serve on day one.

I am not afraid of difficult discussions and representing NC District 20 in the senate in ways that will improve quality of life across Durham. I believe strongly that Durham deserves dynamic representation in these areas:

Our Health

Over 13% of Durham County residents lack health care. The average household is one medical emergency away from being launched into bankruptcy. 

Our Housing

Across our District, people that have lived in their neighborhoods for decades are struggling to keep their homes. This needs to change. 

Our Jobs

We must work to ensure our residents are provided with the training and skills needed to compete in an ever-changing economy.  

Our Education

Public Schools in our district need adequate funding to provide our children with the education and tools they need to compete upon graduation. 

Our Justice

Our district is in the midst of a criminal justice renaissance. More funds are needed to support the grassroots work of organizations right here in Durham.  

Our Community

We all have a right to clean air and water. We need legislators that know climate change is real and are willing to do something about it.  


As the reigning supervisor for the Durham Soil and Water Conservation District, I have served Durham since 2018. The future of Durham and North Carolina are important to me and this drives me to step forward and serve NC District 20 in the senate as a democrat through all the growth and challenges we all face.

Join Team Natalie


My Durham, NC senate campaign will work to build Our Community. Our Justice. Our Schools. Our Housing. Our Health. And Our Education. Learn more about my collective vision for District 20.

Now, more than ever, I need your support for the 2020 NC District 20 senate election. Durham has work to do to ensure that our community has a voice and a senator that will fight for them. We Can’t WAIT.

We have Gen X in our water. We Can’t WAIT.
We have coal ash to clean up and manage. We Can’t WAIT.
We need to build a robust transit network. We Can’t WAIT.
Our schools are physically deteriorating. We Can’t WAIT.
Our K-12 Education needs resources. We Can’t WAIT.
Mothers and fathers are working two and three jobs to survive in a gentrified Durham. We Can’t WAIT.
Violent crimes are on the rise. We Can’t WAIT.
Our HBCUs need support. We Can’t WAIT.

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